Welcome to Talrinity!

This blog is a destination where I write about the things that fancy me. It is a rollercoaster ride about emotions and feelings, a runaway for fashion pieces and a Kappa house for pop culture obsession. Made with the chicness of fashion, melodies of music, and a scoop of lifestyle, it is a well-rounded recipe for everyone who likes sugar and spice. I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy creating content!

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Hi, My name is Talha! I am a high school student who likes to dream big. This blog is my journey about discovering myself. I love what I do and want to become my own boss. Because when you are your own boss – you are free and no one can put a cap on what you make. This has been stamped into my mind. I love to follow my passions and want to make a career out of it.┬áMy blog is constantly changing and growing as I learn more about blogging.

I have worked as a contributor and freelance writer for various magazines and websites like BuzzFeed, Smash Magazine and Teen Times to name a few.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I love to hear from you and would appreciate any constructive criticism that will help me grow. I hope you enjoy the blog and remember, “No matter what, your dreams are valid!”

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