“Teefa In Trouble” Makes Stellar Debut

If you are looking for a film that is action-packed and light-hearted, has gorgeous scenery and wonderful music, then Teefa In Trouble is your cup of tea. In an unstoppable flood of romantic comedies in Pakistan's reviving film industry, it is the better one I've seen so far. While it has a few turn-offs, it is… Continue reading “Teefa In Trouble” Makes Stellar Debut

10 Questions With Waleed Khalid

For a decade now, Waleed Khalid's chiseled features and promising modeling has stared back from billboards, subways, and almost every notable magazine. He is one of the most familiar faces of Pakistan's fashion industry. With his hard work and professionalism, he is blooming in the field. I caught up with Waleed for a revealing interview… Continue reading 10 Questions With Waleed Khalid

Chit Chat With Soccer Fame Lance Parker

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” – words to live by, right! As a young man, Lance knew what he wanted to be, “My dream was always to be a professional soccer player.” he says. Chasing his dream, he climbed the mountain and reached the apex. Parker started playing for Missouri State University. Parker… Continue reading Chit Chat With Soccer Fame Lance Parker

The Healthy Cook – Daniel Churchill

Daniel Churchill is an Australian chef, TV host and an author of two cook-books DudeFood and The Healthy Cook. He was among the Top 5 contestants of Master Chef Australia ( season 5). At just 24, he has achieved a lot. Growing up on the Northern beaches of Sydney he loves the beach. I recently got to interview… Continue reading The Healthy Cook – Daniel Churchill