“Teefa In Trouble” Makes Stellar Debut

“Teefa In Trouble” Makes Stellar Debut

If you are looking for a film that is action-packed and light-hearted, has gorgeous scenery and wonderful music, then Teefa In Trouble is your cup of tea. In an unstoppable flood of romantic comedies in Pakistan’s reviving film industry, it is the better one I’ve seen so far. While it has a few turn-offs, it is nothing like you have never seen before. But lawful filmmaking and strong casting make it better than it may have been otherwise.

What is also commendable, the plot, the dialogues and the actors devise a perfect symphony. Each and every member of cast belts out an ace act. The movie can rightly be said as career peak performance of Ali Zafar. Being an A-lister in singing, his venture into acting was quite commendable. But his characters in Bollywood movies were quite underwhelming and this one outshines all. He plays a street criminal whose inspiration is money and power.

On the other side, Maya Ali makes her spectacular film debut. She might not have nailed it, but her performance is satisfactory and commendable. Being her first project as a film star, she has made her moves precisely. She looks gorgeous and shrewd, unlike the drama characters she has played in the past.

What the two lack is chemistry needed. Maybe, being their Pakistani film debut, both focused quite more on the individuality of their characters.



Coming to music, the soundtrack is best one I’ve heard so far since Bin Roye and 7 Din Mohabbat In. It has sweetness as in “Chaan Ve”. This song can rightly be called as love anthem of the year. Then we have “Item Number”, which is a dance number and just so catchy! Maya perfectly befits as a diva and Ali Zafar rocks. There are some bittersweet songs like “Ishq Nachunda” and “Sajna Door”. And an honourable mention of Asma Abbass’s “Nahin Janna” which is a perfect blend of culture and fun.

While the movie lacks a stimulating story, but it strongly covers well-crafted filmmaking, stellar performance and wonderful cinematography. The overall length becomes an issue. It could have been better if the last few events had been scrapped off.

Teefa in Trouble is not a movie that is going to change lives but it surely has made its mark. It is a great film and pretty standard romantic comedy makes it a hit. The cast makes it look stunning. And the scenery in Poland and Lahore is surreal. It is sweet and fun musical and sometimes surprisingly bittersweet. And the update is that I’m going to watch it for the third time!

Rating – 3.5 stars out of 5


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