Lifestyle Changes That Helped Me Ease Anxiety

Lifestyle Changes That Helped Me Ease Anxiety

Anxiety not only affects you emotionally but also in a physical manner. It occurs in various intensities. The uneasiness, the worry and the pressure sometimes get so intense that it is hard to cope. This pressure can come from different aspects of your day to day life. Such as an increased workload, a transitional period, an argument you have with your family or new and existing financial worries. Anxiety is no joke. The misunderstood fact about it is you can control your illness. In reality, you don’t. It will creep into your life and if left untreated, it may completely engulf you. As a global society, we must encourage people to seek help instead of dissuading them. There is a greater need for mental health awareness.

To sum up in the words of Lena Dunham:

september 9, 2019 _ 2_00 pm _ findlay residence (2)

I fight anxiety. I have been there. And most of the time, it is a daily struggle. If you also suffer, you probably know that there is no miracle cure. Contrary to what the internet preaches and those YouTube tutorials telling enough sleep and making some drinks will reduce anxiety. Well, it won’t.

This is your fight. And this is about you. We all look ways like going to a therapist, talking to a friend or practising mindfulness for overcoming it. They say change starts with you. When I had bad days, I started to navigate what triggered my anxiety. Keeping in mind the causal factors, I underwent some lifestyle changes. Believe it or not, since then I don’t remember that last time I had an anxiety attack. Sure, it doesn’t replace medications. But, anxiety can be manageable with certain lifestyle changes. They can help you cope better when anxiety rears its ugly head.

You should know that everyone’s body reacts to changes in a different way. You should make changes keeping in view the way it may affect your body. While not every change will work for everyone, it doesn’t mean nothing will ever work.

Here are some changes I made that have proved to be miraculous for me.


Quit Facebook:

Overall, social media can be tiring and stressful at times. And living with anxiety makes it worst. It is great to take social media breaks every now and then. I have been an avid user of social media apps. They can be toxic at times. But Facebook did the most for me. The ignorance level that people have there is just beyond comprehension. And you are constantly criticized for your posts and also the way you pose in pictures by eccentric family members who don’t give a f*ck about you irl.
I started to saw changes when I deleted this app and for Heaven’s sake, it is never going to get reinstalled.

Quit Caffeine:
Caffeine is a stimulant — and that can be bad news for someone with anxiety. Caffeine’s jittery effects on your body are similar to those of a frightening event. That’s because caffeine stimulates your “fight or flight” response, and studies show that this can make anxiety worse and can even trigger an anxiety attack.
Since it triggers anxiety I’ve quit milk tea and coffee. Green tea and herbal teas are my drugs now.

It was quite hard to focus when I started meditation. But with time, I’ve developed better concentration. It not only calms my body but it also brings my attention back to the present. Every morning I start my day with a 10-minute meditation focused purely on breathing.

Exercising and working out is obviously critical to our physical health, but it also plays a key role in our mental health. You don’t have to join a gym, Take a walk, go for a jog, hop on the bike, and turn your phone on “Do not disturb.”

Drink Rose Water:
This has proved to be miraculous for me. Whenever I’m having bad days, I make it my mundane to drink two teaspoons of rosewater. It is known for its relaxing and healing power. The scent has a powerful anti-depressant effect that soothes the nerves, lifts the mood and eases the tension of the body and mind. You can use it in many different ways as you like.

The list doesn’t end here as I get to discover new things daily. But these are the key changes that helped me. Anxiety is a beast that lives inside you. But we should not let it win. We are worth the fight. And remember you deserve to be treated in the best way. Focus on yourself. Don’t take much pressure. Smile, breathe and go slowly.


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